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Partnership for Advanced Marine and Environmental Science
Training for Pacific Islanders

PCC graduates (2018) now enrolled at UH Hilo

Catherine Calma (intern) with NMC

Footlocker Workshop 2018

Footlocker Workshop 2018

PCC 2021, Graduates

Footlocker Workshop 2018

ASCC Marine Science Student Wearing Scuba Underwater


CMI 2008

CMI 2020

ASCC 2009

Research Boat And Snorkelers In Palau

Footlocker 2016

Two Marine Science Students Onboard The SEA Semester

ASCC Internship 2018

2 PCC Students Build Circuits As Part Of A ROV Building Activity

Footlocker 2019


PCC 2021, Science Symposium

ASCC 2021, High School ROV competition

ASCC 2021, High School ROV competition

Mr. Jagon helps Mr. Romany (CMI) and students from PCC build the ROV controller - 2022 Footlocker Workshop.

ICRS 2022 Conference

ICRS group discovered how climate change impacts different countries along the 8-degree longitude.

Mrs. Yuzi (Science Chair at PCC) describes the NSF ATE outcomes to the Univ. of Bremen film-makers at the ICRS 2022 Conference

Eloise (NMC) and Ms. Myers (Science Instructor at NMC) convert marine debris into art at the Universem Bremen museum

Our group was invited to the Übersee-Museum to see the coral reef display as part of the ICRS 2022 event.


Use local, culturally relevant elements and hands-on experiences to teach STEM fundamentals 


Incorporate modern tools and technologies to improve & update curricula


Increase interest and retention in marine/environmental science where graduates pursue 4-yr college degrees or secure employment in competitive STEM fields


2022 NSF ATE Footlocker Workshop held in Palau

One of the key goals of our grant project is to provide…

ATE Connects 2022

Mrs. Vernice Yuzi, Science Chair at the Palau Community College, and Ms.…

Cross-cultural Learning Experience in Bremen, Germany

Two faculty, five students, and our educational specialist participated in the 15th…

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